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We love to hear feedback about the planning process from our couples. Wedding planning can be the best fun but it can come with its fair share of heartache as well – from trying to please people and staying on top of a budget to tackling quite possibly the longest to-do list you’ll ever encounter. But you’re not alone – lots of wedding couples have come up against the same hurdles and challenges and have come out on the other side with amazing tales, incredible videos and photos and of course shiny new rings to show for it! So today we’ve got 10 pointers from a current bride who has been there herself… a real wedding couple, sharing tips and advice with us and now, to you!

Things I have learned from planning a wedding (and wisdom I would like to impart to my friends who are also currently planning):

1) You don’t know how to plan a wedding.
Even if you think you do, you don’t. But you will learn as you go. You are ready! So take a deep breath and pour some wine, you got this.

2) The less you control, the less stress you have.
Trying to plan every detail is a one way ticket to having a mental breakdown. Maybe try letting the bridesmaids pick their own hairstyles, jewelry and shoes? And maybe leave the specific flower selections up to the florist. Just give them the colors and set them free. It will save you time and lots of hair pulling. Trust me, it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. And your wedding party will thank you for it.


3) Less bridesmaids also equal less stress.
While you may have a ton of friends and people who are willing to help, trying to coordinate and plan around 5-10 people’s schedules is going to drive all of you mad. (No hate to my friends who have a lot of bridesmaids! You guys are doing awesome!) But if you can keep the wedding party count low without causing drama, it will be so much better for everyone involved. Your other friends will likely still be willing to help too!

4) If you don’t have a credit card, get one.
As millennials, we have a deathly fear of debt. But if attempting to pay entirely out of pocket is going to leave you broke, invest in a credit card and just be sure to make steady payments on time. It WILL get paid off AND it will help you build your credit.

5) Start planning early.
There is no such thing as being overly prepared. Trust me.

6) It isn’t a nightmare.
It’s a lot to think about, but if you start early (see #5) you can take your time on it and have fun. Just be sure to give yourself some credit for every small win!

7) Things will go wrong.
In our case, my first handmade flower girl basket was destroyed. Honestly, it ended up being a hilarious circumstance and worth the laughs. And the basket was able to be remade. Don’t freak out when something happens. Just remember it’s about you and your significant other, the rest will figure itself out.

8.) Don’t spend too much time on the small details.
Honestly, how many weddings have you been to that you can specifically recall the centerpieces? It will be the same way for your guests at your wedding. Don’t waste stress and time on details that you or your guests won’t even notice during the event. Keep it simple and it’ll save you money too.

9) DIY what you can.
It’s worth it to have something fun to work on with your significant other. Even if you aren’t super craftsy, you can always get stencils and kits to help you out.

10) You’re going to argue.
It took Walter and I two weeks… TWO WEEKS… to decide on a CAKE STAND. The one that will be mostly covered… by the cake. Turns out we had ENTIRELY different tastes.

I never knew anyone could get so passionate about shapes or shades of color. You can count on having disagreements. Just remember to give some. The day is about both of you and, back to point #2, less control = less stress.

Happy Planning!


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