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Everyone has their favorite type of barbeque. In fact, North Carolina BBQ fanatics religiously ally themselves with specific styles of sauces and dips more aggressively than they do with their local college sport teams. 

So no matter the sauce, there is one thing every Big Mike’s patron will agree on– Michael Markham does it all and he does a darn good job at it!

It’s our fourth day of our Vendor Spotlight blog and with the incredible feedback we received from last night’s post, we almost couldn’t wait to post this time around! But, patience is a virtue, and we are so excited to share with you a little highlight on one of our very favorite caterers, Big Mike’s BBQ. We’ve been working with Big Mike’s for a while now and not only is their BBQ out-of-this-world-good, but their staff are seriously top notch!


Company Name:
Big Mike’s BBQ

Type of Work:
Wedding and Event Catering

Years in Business:
5 years

Apex, North Carolina


  1. Tell us a little bit about your company.

Mike has been smoking up some serious BBQ since the Fall of 2011 when he decided to follow his lifelong dream of providing his local community and surrounding areas with some of NC’s best barbecue. It all started as a solution to fill a gap in the local area on good barbecue and has grown into not only a transportable catering service, but a barbecue restaurant that can come to you if your area needs some killer barbecue any day out of the week. Big Mike’s BBQ really changed gears when they blew into the wedding market this past year with the addition of Wedding Coordinator, Katy Roberts. 

  1. Why did you get into the BBQ business?

I got tired of complaining about all of our local restaurants attempting to bring BBQ to the public. Not being the type to criticize without action, I jumped in the game. Cooking and entertaining have always been joys of mine. Now I can finally look forward to making some money doing what I love.

  1. What type of dinner service (sit-down dinner, stations, buffet) do you offer?

Some of my favorite weddings have been outdoors, where we get to serve from our food truck, which is so unique and fun! If it’s indoors, we’ve always done buffet style. I’d love to try a plated sit-down dinner! I’m always up for a challenge 🙂

  1. What are some of the menu items you offer?

From Eastern NC Style Pulled Pork to Smoked Beef Brisket and Sausage, Mike offers a wide selection of smoked meats and tasty sides to accommodate his local demand for better barbecue.

  1. What sets you apart from other vendors within your line of work?

Our focus is not only serving the community, but also purchasing from the community. Mike is one of the very few restaurant owners who buys pasture raised pork as well as produce from local farms.

  1. Why do you think a couple should hire a planner?

They’re about to make a HUGE life change, and it causes stress (good, exciting stress!). But what bride wants a text from little ol’ me just two days before the wedding asking a stupid question about folding tables or serving utensils! I think all parties involved want to help the couple have a beautiful wedding day, and a coordinator helps guide us all in the same direction, without making the bride pull her hair out.

Did we mention how much we’re loving this Vendor Spotlight thing already? Ah, we just love the people we work with!

Oh my word, I love it. I was a vegetarian for 8 years when Mike hired me. After a couple days, I couldn't resist anymore! I'm a very happy little carnivore now. And, since he's one of the very few restaurant owners who buys pasture raised pork (as well as produce from local farms), I don't feel guilty when I indulge in our BBQ. Mike's really picky about how his food is prepared; we chop it fresh after a customer orders it, or we'll chop it on site before an event. He must put a lot of love into it. Whatever that man does, it's incredible!

You can learn more about Big Mike and his BBQ HERE, and you can follow along with his latest happenings on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the icons below. Thinking about using thier catering services? 

Email Katy at!

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