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I know that planning a wedding is a little overwhelming to choose between so many vendors for such an important day! I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and personable vendors in the area, and I love to help my clients out whenever possible in creating a stellar vendor team. I frequently refer my clients to professionals I have worked with who I truly believe will do an amazing job for them. I also like to occasionally brag on each of them more in depth.

Today, meet Theresa Burden! Theresa is a talented makeup artist who always makes her clients feel gorgeous! I love working with Theresa and seeing how her skill and kindness allow our mutual clients to relax and feel more confident!

Company Name:
Theresa Burden Makeup Artistry

Type of Work:
Wedding and Event Makeup

Years in Business:
Wedding Industry- 4 years
Event Industry- 6 years

Apex, North Carolina

Photo Credit: Maria Estes Photography

1. Why did you get into the makeup business?

I did not really choose the makeup business, it honestly has chosen me. I have always loved transformations and have enjoyed makeup as an art form. My senior thesis in college was portraiture. In my spare time I did theatrical or everyday makeup on people. Applying makeup in any fashion on any person brought me so much joy.  It made so much sense to turn my passion into a career and to share this joy with others. 

2. What is your training and background in makeup?

I have an art degree and that often informs a lot of my approach to makeup artistry. My esthetics license brings an education on how to safely apply product and how to be sanitary in general. It also gives me the knowledge to properly understand all skin conditions and how to best take care of your body’s largest organ (the skin). As for learning the tools of the trade; by far my favorite thing to do is to attend Master Classes for makeup. I have traveled as far as New York City to attend master classes. I love to soak up all of that sweet knowledge.

3. Do you provide onsite services at clients homes, the venue or at the hotel where they will get ready?

I am completely mobile for onsite services! I bring my makeup chair, lights, all of the makeup, lashes, and skincare for all skin types, textures, and preferences. You can never be too prepared.

4. Is it true brides should go last in the makeup schedule rotation the day of the wedding?

I would rather do the bride 3rd or 2nd to last. I am not worried about the longevity of the bridal makeup. Brides could easily go first or second if they needed to. My main goal is to spend more time with the bride. The bride’s look has been carefully curated in the trial, and so I would want to execute the look they have planned to a tee. I make detailed notes for every wedding, so I can recreate what we did at the trial, whether it was a 1 month or 1 year ago. 

5. What do you love most about doing wedding makeup and weddings in general?

I love doing wedding makeup because I love creating a unique makeup look for each bride. It is such a special, personal day and I am honored to be a part of it. It is my pleasure to create a look tailored to each person’s individualized style, personal wants and needs. I love weddings in general because they bring everyone together. Everyone is there to celebrate your happiness.

6. Why do you believe couples should hire a wedding planner?

You need an advocate and a support system that is not a friend or relative. Speaking from personal experience, there were quite a few hiccups at the venue where our reception was held at. It would have been great having someone be there for us. There are so many things a planner can do that will allow you to enjoy your day more (which will go by very quickly!).

Photo Credit: Story & Rhythm
Can't say enough positive things about Theresa Burden and her make artistry. A friend recommended her to me because she knew I'd want a natural look and knew that Theresa could deliver... and she did deliver, in spades!! Not only me, but my bridesmaids were beyond thrilled with our respective looks. I don't normally wear makeup and LOVED my natural look. My sister would like Theresa to do her makeup everyday. The other bridesmaids raved (and raved and raved) about their look. For your event, look no further than Theresa for your makeup needs.
Marcia Corprew-Duncan

You can learn more about Theresa and her business HERE, and you can follow along with her latest happenings on social media by clicking the icons below.

Thinking about booking Theresa for your upcoming event?Call (919) 757-1819 or e-mail Theresa at!

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