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Fragrances can take you back to a place in your past with just the first smell…. walking in the door at Mammaw’s to smell her apple pie baking…. helping Mom make her cinnamon candy at Christmas time, and even fresh cut grass takes me back to Dad mowing the lawn on a Saturday afternoon.

Everyone loves a good scent and a good backstory which is why we’re so excited to introduce two wonderfully creative parents who own Soy Clever Candle Co. with their five little ones.  We’ve recently gotten to know Soy Clever and have been struck by the unique beauty of their candles set in tins, votives, and re-usable tumblers. 

Company Name:
Soy Clever Candle Co.

Type of Work:
Rekindling Memories by creating candles

Years in Business:
1 year

Clayton, North Carolina

  1. How did you get into the candle making business and how long have you been making candles?

Great question!  It all started with a phone call and the drive to teach our five kids entrepreneurship and the importance of learning to serve others.  My husband, a Veteran, was looking for a family friendly business to start, so we could learn and grow closer together as a family. It needed to be practical, ethical, healthy, fun, profitable, and it needed to make a positive impact for people.  So, he called me while I was picking up dinner for the kids one day and said, “I’ve got it, we are going to start a candle company.” My reply, “Okay! Let’s do it.”

We dived right in, purchased our first supplies, began research and development with our kids, tested numerous times, this process took over four months.  We had friends, family, and colleagues test our products over and over, and then in September 2017, we set up at the Clayton General Store to sell for the first time.  Since then, we have not looked back, only moving forward with the help of great business coaching (Kelly Roach Coaching) excellent friendships and partnerships, like Treasured Family Creations, who etches our candle votives, and September Photos Photography who created our story on video so we could share with everyone.  

  1. What scents are available?

We have over 25 scents available and we continue to add with each season that we are in business.  All of our scents are phthalate free, which means no carcinogens, a clean burn, and headache free (literally).  We have everything from cool ocean or spa scent, for relaxation, white tea and berries for subtle sweet, oh fudge for the ultimate sweet tooth, and warm toasty pumpkin and autumn leaf, and white birch for the holiday seasons.  We provide most scents year round so people can enjoy what they want, when they want it.

  1. How much do candles generally run? Do you have wedding specific packages?

Our candles start from $5 and up.  We have chic tins, glass tumblers, and glass votives to provides a variety of choices for our customers.  We do have wedding specifice packages! For a unique experience, we have our mobile candle pour bar unit which can be brought to your wedding location so your guests can pour their own favors during cocktail hour, reception, or both! We walk the Bride and Groom-to-be through a Memory Creation Session in our office, where they pour their own complimentary candle, and select the scents, colors, and theme they want for their wedding day, as well as the customized etching for glass votives. For those who are out of state, no worries, our candle favors can be shipped all over the United States.  

  1. For those who want to use these candles for favors, what do you suggest?

Let’s talk about candles!  We have a complimentary 30 minute conversation over  the phone to find out your needs, and how we can help you create and rekindle happy memories. We also offer a complimentary 1-hour memory creation session, where you come into our office, pour a 4 oz. candle, and we discuss in further detail how favors can be customized for your event.  These can be booked online at: We have done favors for weddings, showers, and anniversaries, corporate events, vendor gifts, and more, possibilities are endless.

  1. I want to have a candle making party as a bridal party “get together”, do you offer this?

Yes!  We have an excellent space for your bridal party get together in our office space, located in the Midtown Place Wedding Professionals’ Building.  Sit, relax, and pour your own customized candle. We have packages to bring in food catering as well, so while you are waiting for candles to cool, you can sit back, enjoy food and drinks, and relax from all of the stress of planning.  We can accommodate 10 people comfortably.

  1. I want to use your candles as apart of my wedding decor, what do you suggest?

Give us a call!  We have reception packages available for all wedding sizes for reception and rehearsal space. Since each event is unique, we want to ensure our packages meet the needs of our clients, so calling, and coming in for a memory creation session is highly recommended.  

  1. Are these candles non-toxic? Environmentally safe? Do they contain soy and paraffin wax?

All of our candles are made with natural, U.S. grown soy, and are both non-toxic and  environmentally safe. We do NOT use paraffin. Our candles are paraffin free. This allows for a much cleaner burn and healthy scent throw.  

  1. Do your candles come in one size or all sizes and shapes?

Currently, our candles come in various sizes from  2oz 4oz and 8oz tins, to 3oz, 11oz,and 21oz glass votives or tumblers. Our tins are great for travel and our 11oz tumblers can be reused for drinkware afterwards, so it’s nice to be able to re-purpose each vessel.  

  1. Do you also make taper candles?

We do not make taper candles, mainly because we use untreated natural wood wicks, as opposed to traditional yarn wicks.  This is something we have to test to see if it is possible to do. Most testing takes anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 months. We are working on testing floating candles now and testing it with flower shapes and wood wicks.  

  1. Are all candles in your bridal line stamped with your logo?

No, that’s the beauty of the Memory Creation Session.  We take time to find out the theme and vision of Bride and Groom and work with them to create a label that they would like to use for their favors or reception tables.  Our glass votives do come with our Alder Wooden lid with cork bottom, made by Treasured Family Creations, this does contain our Logo on it, but the glass is customized to fit the needs of the couple, provided it is a family-friendly message.  Our tin candles can have our side and top logo removed should the Bride and Groom choose to do so. We always include a business information card (our story) to go with the favor for candle care instruction and name of scent, so guests can re-order in the future.  

This truly is a family company. The candles smell amazing and burn beautifully. Easy to communicate with them also. They respond very quickly. Love seeing exactly where my money goes.
Petrina Cavallaro

You can learn more about Tressa and Chase and their family business HERE, and you can follow along with their latest happenings on social media by clicking the icons below.

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