2019 Growing Trends: Wedding Tiaras

Costume parties aside, when else would you wear a tiara?

With the recent weddings of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, bridal tiaras (yes, it’s a thing) are making a comeback.  The millennial fear in taking the tiara plunge seems to stem from the idea that tiaras are too traditional, too ‘bridey’ and cliched. But is it?

Tiaras have long marked social rank, but they’re not for every day. Royals typically reserve their tiaras for white-tie banquets and weddings. You’ll see celebrities like Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, and Emmy Rossum donning tiaras and jeweled headbands for big-time events such as the Academy Awards.

Royal and non-royal brides wear tiaras—often paired with a veil—to show their status on the wedding day. For royals, the custom was that you waited until you were married to wear a tiara. Maybe that’s why it’s common for brides to wear them at weddings!

Photo Credit: Mindee Bachenberg Photography

So, should you wear a stunning wedding tiara on your wedding day? The first thing you must ask yourself is whether your day is suited to such a formal piece – if your dress, venue or theme is casual, then a traditional tiara is going to look out of place as part of your bridal ensemble. We also recommend that you give the tiara pride of place among your wedding accessories – this glamorous piece speaks for itself, so don’t overdo it with chandelier earrings or a large glitzy necklace.

Just like some dress silhouettes will flatter your figure more than others, certain wedding tiara shapes might work better with your face shape: A tall and pointy tiara elongates, while a more rounded style does the opposite.

 With the 2018 wedding season coming to a close, the floral crown trend will always be loved in maternity photos, but it’s definitely looking like a slowing trend in the 2019 wedding scene. Now all you need is a horse-drawn carriage to make all your royal wedding dreams come true!

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